F. Keus, Dutch, ca. 1915 

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Treatment Details:


Treated planar deformations in the canvas, most likely caused by moisture.  Cleaned the painting to remove grime.  Filled and inpainted losses.  Re-saturated paint (varnished) with a low molecular weight synthetic varnish, with added UV stabilizers.  


•Removed the painting from its strainer. 

•Flattened surface deformations. 

•Edge lined to facilitate re-stretching. 

•Reattached painting to the original strainer.

•Cleaned the painting aqueously to remove surface grime.

•Filled paint losses with an inert filling compound. 

•Inpainted losses with conservation colors.

•Applied low molecular weight varnish with ultraviolet light stabilizers, by brush.

•Provided the client with examination and treatment reports, as well as before, during and after treatment photography.

Detail Before

Reverse Before

Detail Before

Detail After

Reverse After

Detail After

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