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Hans Hofmann, 1965
Hans Hofmann, painting treatment

Before Treatment

Hans Hofmann, painting treatment

After Treatment

Treatment Detail:


Treated insecure paint layers with interlayer cleavage due to incompatibility of the artist’s materials (inherent vice). 

Re-adhered paint layers and provided visual continuity by filling losses with pigmented wax and inpainting with conservation colors.  


•Gained experience working with Hans Hofmann paintings from the Berkeley Art Museum while working at SFMOMA 1994-1996.  

•Relaxed top layers of paint, and re-adhered to the layers below using a reversible adhesive.

•Filled losses with pigmented waxes.

•Compensated losses with conservation colors.

•Provided the client with examination and treatment reports, as well as before, during and after treatment photography.

Hans Hofmann, painting treatment

Detail Before

Hans Hofmann, painting treatment

Detail After

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